Booking conditions

About pre-authorisation.

1. What is a pre-authorisation?

When you make a reservation, there may be instances that we will contact your credit (or debit) card company to confirm that the card you are using is valid and hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. At this time, we may also check to see if the card has enough money to cover the transaction. This is communicated in the form of a pre-authorisation of the full amount of your reservation., however, will not proceed with the charge. The time at which your card will be charged will depend on the terms and conditions linked to your booking.

2. What’s the difference between a pre-authorisation and an actual charge to my credit card?

Pre-authorisations are common but are often confused with actual charges. While in-store purchases are immediately charged and deducted from your available balance, pre-authorisations are temporary holds. The length of the hold will vary, and your credit card company can advise how they handle this.

3. How will I know if my card has been pre-authorised?

Your available balance will be reduced temporarily by the full amount of your reservation. You may also see “pending transactions” on your credit card account summary. If you’re not sure if your card had been pre-authorised, both us and your credit card company can verify this.

4. How long will the pre-authorisation hold affect my available balance?

Your card provider can better explain this, along with the general terms and conditions associated with their pre-authorisation procedures. These terms vary across the board, so it’s best to contact them for specific details.

5. Will the hold always equal the exact amount of my reservation?

In most cases, we will pre-authorise your card for the full amount of your reservation. On occasion, you may see an amount slightly lower than the rate shown on your reservation. If this does happen, we can explain why this has occurred.

6. Will this happen with all bookings made through reserve the right to pre-authorise your card, but this doesn’t mean it will occur with every booking. Don’t worry, if your card is pre-authorised, both us and your credit card company is there to help. We also be able to assist you with removing these holds sooner.