Surrounded by crystal clear waters the Kassandra Peninsula is a paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. Diving tourism in our country made its first tentative steps, only in the early 90s.

The Greek seas in general are one of the most important and richest archaeological sites, as in their depths are hidden sunken cities, coastal prehistoric settlements, towers, shipwrecks and ancient ports.

Today there are two types of diving: free diving (without breathing apparatus) and autonomous diving (using air cylinders). The term that has dominated the world for autonomous diving is «Scuba». As the name suggests, scuba diving gives divers the relative autonomy to enjoy a dive without being dependent on the surface vessel.

The duration of each dive depends on the amount of air which is stored in the special bottles which the diver has on his back. For safety reasons, diving is always done in pairs. The solitary dives involve risks, even for the most experienced divers. The Peninsula of Kassandra has many specialized diving companies that are willing to introduce you to diving and enjoy the experience of exploring the depths of the sea.

Some very interesting places for diving in the Peninsula of Kassandra are:

  1. 1. The shipwreck of the ship “Mytilini”. Located northwest of the bay of Kypsas (Sani area)
  2. The islet Kelfos, between Kassandra Peninsula and Sithonia Peninsula in the middle of the Gulf of Toroneos, is of great interest. Diving in crystal clear waters and discovering the seabed diversity in an island that is ideal for scuba diving, at more than 10 places.
  3. Porto Valitsa. Located in the bay of Paliouri, in an idyllic landscape of unique beauty this dive spot is characterized by steep cliffs and rocks.
  4. Bay of Corsair. Located east of Paliouri cove, a rocky area it features the impressive rocks of the seabed.
  5. Region Loutra Agia Paraskevi is a rocky area with spectacular seabed.
  6. Nea Potidea, is a quiet area but with marine interest.

The Peninsula of Kassandra has many coves, very interesting seabed and great variety from place to place while the average swimmer can easily find the beauty of the seabed and the rich underwater life in most of the beaches of the Peninsula.

February 5, 2023, 10:16 pm

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